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Is Your Business Trying to Get Baby/Kids Clothing Manufacturers?

If your company has been considering for a newborn, infant, toddler garment supplier, then be sure to review the inventory and production capabilities of Organic & More in Noida, India, your organic baby clothing manufacturers serving the world market. We manufacture a wide range of infant/baby, child, and youth clothing with the choices of organic cotton, organic bamboo and cotton blends, and other good fabrics.  We do manufacture garments for people of all ages and most sizing—we make a wide range of adult women’s clothing as well. We ensure that all the clothes that we manufacture are done so in “sweatshop free” situations with an awareness to detail and condition at reasonable pricing.
Business may call Organic & More, world-wide at +91 9873467520, to buying inventory stock clothing, to discuss custom-finishing, or to request clothing sample manufacture and completely custom manufacturing or apparel and/or organic baby clothing from manufacturers that care about the eminence of goods.  Businesses may e-mail us with questions about merchandise details or customized manufacturing and finishing options.  You may e-mail us at:  You may also contact Organic And More.

Organic Baby, Infant, Toddler, Children Clothing/Apparel Manufacturers.

As organic apparel/clothing manufacturers making garments for babies/infants, toddlers, kids youth and adult women, we recommend a wide range of apparel options in our inventory.  We can manufacture private label infant/baby apparel for your company for customization, silkscreen printing, sublimation dyeing, embroidery, or other custom-finishing choices. We are also infant clothing wholesale suppliers and business customers can take benefit of wholesale pricing, bulk buys, custom production lots, garment sample production, quick turnaround times, and other services.

Our line of organic clothing includes styles in our Baby/Infant, Toddler and Children categories:

Organic Baby Clothing (Infant) – Baby/Infant Accessories

  • Organic Infant Bib
  • Organic Infant Booties And Mitten
  • Organic Infant Hat
  • Organic Infant Maslin Swaddle
  • Organic Infant Long Sleeve Crew Thermal
  • Organic Infant One Piece
  • Organic Infant Pant
  • Organic Infant Long Sleeve One Piece
  • Organic Baby Romper
  • Organic Baby Bodysuit
  • Organic Baby Onesie
  • Organic Baby Sweatshirt
  • Organic Baby Jeans

Review our entire Kids & Infants product line:  we offer retail and wholesale Baby/Infant Apparel, Toddler Clothing and Youth Clothing designs and choices

—Review Organic Toddler Clothing

  • Organic Toddler Long Sleeve Crew Tee
  • Organic Toddler Short Sleeve Crew Tee
  • Organic Toddler Long Sleeve Thermal
  • Organic Toddler Dress

Organic and Ecologically Friendly Fabrics for Baby Clothing and Other Sizes

Organic And More does offer B2B customers other fabrics and blanks for finishing and/or customization.  Also being organic baby/Infant clothing manufacturers, we use our 100% organic cotton, our organic bamboo (generally a 80% organic bamboo fiber and 20% organic cotton blend)—we do offer B2B customers wholesale bamboo clothing in sizing to fit most clienteles, since we are organic fashion and organic bamboo t-shirt manufacturers as well—and, also our ecologically-friendly RPET (recycled polyesters and plastic fibers) is offered in our environmentally-conscious fashion products that are available for individual retail customers and for our business clients looking for clothing alternatives to fit the preferences of clienteles.

Organic And More also develops additional fabrics and fabric blends.  Further organic bamboo, organic cotton, blends and recycled polyesters and plastic fibers. We produce apparel using fine jersey fabric, fleece, and Triblends, which are usually contained of cotton, polyester, and Rayon. We also produce polyester blank t-shirts, which are ideal for sublimation dyeing.

Custom Manufacturing and Custom Finishing Choices from Your Organic Baby/Infant Clothing Manufacturers

At Organic & More, we provide our business clients with a wide range of custom apparel producing and finishing services. Besides producing blanks, we meet ad specialty standards, offer custom apparel sample manufacturing and quick completion times on producing sample garments from tech-packs, and offer quick turnaround times on custom-manufacturing services.  As organic baby clothing manufacturers, you may request different cuts, designs, styles or finishing options for baby/infant-wear or request custom manufacturing services in general. Furthermore, we offer other services such as embroidering and sewing services as requested, private labelling of inventory stock apparel or custom production runs including general re-labelling services for our business clients.  We even offer tear-away labels, standard sizing, general wholesale pricing rates, and additional services per custom request(s).

Contact Organic & More, Organic Baby Clothing Manufacturers

Specific businesses, large or small suppliers, clothing distributors, private labels and brands and individual retail stores all may contact Organic & More direct about supplying inventory stock, custom-finished items from stock, or custom-manufactured clothing for babies, toddlers, youth, and women’s.  You may call Organic & More call at: +91 9873467520 to discuss your requirements for custom clothing manufacturing or finishing services.  You may e-mail Organic & More inquiries at: