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Government of India Recognized Star Export House
Sustainable Apparel Manufacturing Since 2005


As with most industries, the textile industry is built on a ‘take, make, consume and dispose of’.

It is a linear model based on the assumption that resources are abundant, easy to source and cheap to dispose of. Unfortunately, this model is unsustainable. Cotton relies on a finite landmass for agriculture. Polyester relies on a finite source of oil. In 2014 the global production of polyester filament and cotton fiber was approximately 65 million tonnes.

The figure is estimated to grow to 90 million tonnes by 2020. We are facing global textile resource scarcity sooner than later. That is why Organic and More is proposing this cycle process to save and decrease the production of cotton and polyester.

The largest volume of recycled cotton sources is produced through pre-consumer waste only, such as cutting scraps. Recycled cotton is often combined with recycled plastic bottles to make clothing and textiles, creating sustainable, earth-conscious products.

Our recycling process prevents unwanted wastage that can divert many products from landfills and also help in reducing the emission of CO2 and other fossil fuels. So, by recycling, we are contributing to the process’s efforts to protect our environment. We are working towards a recycled certification later by means of which we shall be able to recycle the products from cotton and polyester scraps coined as pre-consumer waste.

We work with recycled polyester blended with cotton in knits and wovens to make garments out of them. Recycled polyester can also be blended with organic cotton yarn. For stuffing of quilts or soft toys made with organic cotton or recycled polyester, we can either use organic cotton, recycled polyester, or organic cotton comber Noil. Garments made from such fabrics are truly eco-friendly and promote our ethos of recycling.
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