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Government of India Recognized Star Export House
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Woven Garments

With extensive experience in garment manufacturing, Organic & More has gained an acute understanding of bringing together the right spinning/weaving/knitting skills to craft impressive garments that meet all the required standards as well as customer specifications.

We are also known as high-quality kids woven garments manufacturers in India. At Organic & More, we know how comfort and fitments matter when it comes to manufacturing of kids garment as a kid remains in a playful mood so how a fabric quality has to be.

Woven Garments require a certain attention to stitching, especially girls dresses and frocks where french seams add to the quality and perception of the product as being high end ensuring that the stitches per inch or SPI are consistent with the customers’ requirement. Higher SPI usually represents a higher quality garment, however, a balance needs to be kept in mind, the productivity and needle holes with increased SPI.

Stitch tension needs to be checked along with regular needle replacement.

Seam strength is essential for garments not tearing up, especially on lightweight fabrics like voiles and muslins.

We follow our formulae to maintain seam strength:

FOR Multi Thread chain Stitch- SPI x thread strength (lbs) x 1.7 = seam strength (lbs)

FOR Lockstitch- SPI x thread strength (lbs) x 1.5 = seam strength (lbs)

Hemming is an important part of finishing up the bottoms and sleeve openings of a garment. A well-done hem gives the garment a high end polished feel.

Bar tacking near pockets or pintex is important to ensure the garment does not come undone in that area as that is a high-stress point. A bar tack helps the garment tackle with the extra pressure in that area.

Reinforcement of patch pockets in the corners is also an important technique in maintaining stability on the garment.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, experienced tailors and masters have all been equipped to produce all types of kids apparel in woven fabric. We deal in both Spring and Fall collection for our young generation in woven fabric.

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