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The sample is a product which represents a group of product or lot. The sample will reflect the quality and workmanship of the manufacturer. Garment samples are inevitably an important part of garments manufacturing business. Sampling procedure in the apparel industry is an important activity for the order acceptance as the buyer generally places the order after getting satisfied with the quality of the samples. A sampling includes details like a product/style code or a reference number, color specifications, kind of fabric, composition, description, quantity, and details of embroidery, buttons, zippers, or any other sort of accessories used. Hence it can be said that samples of garments work as a bridge between buyers and manufacturers.

At Organic & More, we have a dedicated sampling department that works for the entire sampling process. There are various types of samples which we develop; some of them are listed below:

  • Salesman SamplesSalesman samples are developed to procure orders from retailers. These are good quality samples, which use actual accessories and fabrics. The buyer has to pay for these kinds of samples.
  • Proto Samples- These are made after receiving the order sheets, and are the very initial sets of samples sent to the buyer. The design and style of a garment are communicated. Once the proto samples are approved, fit samples are developed.
  • Fit Samples- These are designed to check the measurements, fit, and style. Details of construction of the garment and standards needed to be maintained by the manufacturer are maintained in these samples. Certain times these samples are tried on models to check the fitting and the fall of the garment.
  • Size Samples- These are sent to the buyers once the fitting is approved in small, medium, large and other sizes as per the requirement. Mass cutting of fabrics begins only once final approval of all the sizes is received.
  • Pre-production Samples- These are the samples, which are made in the production department once all the above sampling approvals are received. They are made with the actual fabrics, trimmings, and accessories that will be used in the future placed order. After a full and final approval is received from the buyer, the actual production can proceed.

Sampling also gives an idea regarding the time and cost that the manufacturer of the garments will require completing the whole order, and delivering the products in time. It can be concluded that sampling in garment manufacturing is of utmost significance not just to the manufacturer but also to the buyer.

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