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Finishing is an important process as it improves the appearance of the garment and makes it suitable for end-user. We have a dedicated team that works for the entire finishing process.  The finishing department works in the following sequence:

1. Thread Sucking:

The thread sucking is an important step in finishing, it involves cutting off unwanted threads and the cutting of extra loop lengths. All hanging threads are cut with a hand trimmer. By the end of this section, the garment is free from major irregularities like the protruding and left-over threads.

2. Ironing:

This is the most traditional form of providing creases and removing the unwanted ones from the garment. Wrinkles are formed on the garment because of many reasons, which mainly include the handling in the sewing room and the wrinkles present in the fabric itself and at the time of storing the fabric. The garments are ironed to give them a proper form and shape which makes the garment more presentable. The steam iron is used for cotton fabric. It is after this stage that the garments give a pleasant and a finished look.

3. Buttoning and On-Site Pull testing

As we manufacture baby apparel so as to keep the garment most reliable we use Prym based

poppers and high-quality snap fasteners for 99.9% reliability of the garment. These snap buttons are certified nickel and lead-free. Snap fasteners offer a discreet, hidden closure, creating a clean look to the front of delicate baby apparel, etc. We also perform on-site pull testing evaluation technique for maximum safety. Our products are approved under the CPSIA guidelines. In house pull testing capability enables us to check on each style that is being produced for snap buttons, regular buttonhole buttons, as well as attachments like tassels, pom-poms which are also crucial for baby wear productions.

4. Quality Inspection:

“Quality is the fulfillment of the specified requirements for a product or service”.

Our product crosses the multi-level quality checkpoints before reaching to the buyer to ensure that there is no fault exists in the garment. Our quality control team performs the visual examination to ensure that the product is free from any fabric faults, size measurement faults, mismatched trimmings, broken button, zipper, matching of color and stripe faults, ironing faults, etc.

5. Final Audit:

The final inspection process is a final quality audit in garments manufacturing, known as “Final Audit”. The final audit is a judgment that certifies a lot is shippable or not from the buyer(customer) end as per buyer quality standard. The final inspection result shows the whole factory’s quality performance. It may occur before or after the garments are packed in poly bags and cartons.

At Organic and more, we strictly adhere to the Needle Control Procedure as per the guidelines issued by regulatory. We keep logs for section-wise needles issued, broken needles received and keep the physical stocks in a secure location with all records. To make sure that no garment is left with needle inside during the process, we use high-quality conveyor belt needle detectors. These detectors detect needle or metal chips with the help of cycled magnetic sensors and give highly accurate results.

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