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Government of India Recognized Star Export House
Sustainable Apparel Manufacturing Since 2005

Organic Clothing Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

We are the leading organic apparel suppliers and manufacturers in India. At Organic and More, we try to do everything conceivable to minimize our ecological footprint. By making pure organic clothes and not compromising on style and trends, we are trying to do our bit to save the environment and maintain an ecological balance. Our organic Clothing Collection is a unique blend of the latest designs using 100% USDA approved organic and pesticide-free cotton. All approved under the GOATS.

All Organic Manufacturing Organizations equally promote that using organic cotton for clothes is the best way to free yourself from the harmful effects of pesticides and toxins, especially for children. It is healthier and can help us to stay away from a range of health issues.

Organic cotton is preferred by all as it is great for the overall wellness of a human being. They are milder and softer than the other cotton which goes through harsh treatments. Moreover since organic cotton is free from any kind of pesticides and harmful chemicals it is great for an infant’s skin and of course for all human beings.

Also since organic cotton is grown in a way that causes less harm to the environment, it is a blessing for both nature and humans and by using organic cotton clothing we will do our duty towards saving our environment. We are also well known as organic apparel exporters in India and supply the best quality fabric to many clients across the world.

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