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Government of India Recognized Star Export House
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At Organic and More, training is a continuous process where optimum use of ‘3Ms’(Man, Machine & Material) is the aim of training programs. Training and learning skills helps to compete in the global market and in increasing the productivity of the employees that will help further an organization to achieve its long-term goal.

As a part of our company policy, all workers have to undergo some basic and skilled training which helps employees to identify and understand the various aspects of the modern work environment. We conduct training for all workers and train them on the usage of equipment and sharp tools.

Our workers are also trained upon the usage of safety gear while working on machines. Training on first aid and fire fighting is also given.

We conduct training programs for supervisors and higher management on disciplinary procedures and supervisory skills from time to time. Functional training related to the field of work and general soft skills and behavioral training is given to the mid-level production staff and junior to mid-level office staff. Skill enhancement, etiquette training & common sense building training and language skills will be given to the support staff.
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