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Maternity Wear

Organic and More is India’s most loved maternity wear manufacturer brand that carry you through beautiful journey of Motherhood. We are a one- stop shop for all the maternity and nursing requirement. We provide an enjoyable and hassle-free shopping experience to shoppers. The range is in-line with latest fashion trends in the world and make sure that your style is not comprised in pregnancy. It comes at an affordable range of trendy maternity shirts, maternity jeans, maternity pants, nursing clothes maternity dresses, and more that keeps your pregnancy wardrobe trendy. Our continuous innovation and effort is the comfort and safety of customers that has earned many happy customers world-wide.

Maternity wear for mothers

Motherhood is a beautiful feeling and it is the time when a woman goes through many emotional and physical changes. Changes also occur in clothing but early maternity dresses are close to the comfort of modern day versions. In the medieval period, when the early maternity dresses came into existence, there was nothing special, it was crafted from clothes in the closet as these dresses did not imitate to female form and were far from comfort. It wasn’t until early 19th century that maternity dresses had become more practical in design. Today, ill-fitting maternity dresses are not an option to go for. Though comfort is a central factor when it comes to

selecting dresses, style makes its presence felt in decisions. On Organic and More there is no need to compromise as here are many styles on-board like A-line dress, shift dresses, maxi dresses and to make you the stylish mom-to-be. You can buy these trendy wear from maternity wear exporter in India.

Tips for selecting the best maternity dresses

To aid the pursuit of fashion friendly maternity dresses, here we are discussing some tips to pull off the mom look with perfection: Reach for bigger clothes to hide the size? It may sound a good idea, but it will end up contributing to a bulky look. Instead, focus on the features that aren’t expanding with skinnier pants, snug-sleeved tops, and button-down shirts. Add some colour to your closet. Bright colours in the wardrobe translate into brighter and happier moods. Liven up the look with a few decorative elements, like embroidered or beaded accents or ruffled trims and make sure to you use elements that are comfortable wearing around.

Maternity dress manufacturers

One glance at Organic and More extensive range of maternity dresses and you know that there are many things to celebrate motherhood in style. Comfortable on the skin and fashionable, Organic and More delivers nothing less than the best to make the special phase of your life a comfortable one.

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