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Government of India Recognized Star Export House
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Pattern Making

“Pattern making is an art. It is a bridge function between design and production. A sketch can be turned into a garment via a pattern which interprets the design in the form of the garment components.” Garry Cooklin

Pattern making is a highly skilled technique that calls for technical ability, sensitivity for design interpretation and a practical understanding of garment construction. However, it has become an easy job with the use of computers. The different

software has made the job of the pattern master easier. We, at O&M, use the latest computer aided software to make and grade patterns. This reduces the time to make and grade patterns in comparison to manual pattern making. Moreover, we maintain the pattern details season after season, so that going back to a particular style does not mean re-inventing the wheel.

Once the garment surface is defined, the application automatically unwraps and outputs a 2D flat pattern in Dxf format.
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