Govt. of India Recognized Star Export House
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A Registered Brand of Net Paradigm India Pvt. ltd.
Government of India Recognized Star Export House
Sustainable Apparel Manufacturing Since 2005

Fair trade clothing brand and ethical manufacturing

We are a fair trade custom clothing manufacturers in India. We are GOTS certified and hence we follow strict ethical manufacturing practices. We feel it’s our social and moral responsibility towards the society and our customers, so we lay great emphasis on delivering world-class Organic Clothes.

We are also proud to be audited under SEDEX and abide by fair trade practices.

We believe in fair trade and we take immense pride that our employees have a free will to work or leave the organization viz’ moral code of conduct.

We ensure that our employees work in a safe and hygienic environment and are not exposed to hazardous situations. Our employees are our pillar of strength and we provide them with safe working conditions namely:

  • Clean and hygienic premises with well-kept washrooms and other facilities.
  • Adequate workstations are provided so that the employees can work comfortably and with ease.
  • We have a foolproof plan for evacuation with clearly marked routes for exits in case we are faced with unforeseen emergencies.
  • All boards and signs are posted in the local language for ease of reading.
  • Advanced and Updated fire safety and emergency equipment is in place along with training.
  • The building layout of each floor is clearly displayed on the premises and all building construction certificates are good and ready.
  • All employees who work in potentially high-risk areas are provided with personal protective gear.
  • First Aid Kits are available at each strategic corner of the building and separate trained staff is intact for handling emergency situations.
  • All hazardous materials are stored separately and safely.
  • Waste Management is handled through proper and documented channels.
  • Third-party tested bottled drinking water is available for each and every one.


We are extremely stringent about our child labor policies and under no circumstances, we allow children in our factory premises. All the recruited employees go through a strict documentation procedure and all proofs and certificates are taken and attached with their personal files.

Living Wages:  We strictly comply with all the labor laws of our country and all wages are paid above the minimum wage requirement for unskilled, semi-skilled and fully skilled personnel.

No Excessive Working Hours:  Employees at Organic and More are free to work overtime if they wish to. Overtime is paid as per government regulations. Employees do not work overtime for more than two hours every day or 12 hours of overtime per week.

Discrimination is not practiced:  We do not practice any kind of discrimination on the basis of religion, color, race, caste, sex or physical disability. All our employees are on par and a strict policy is in place for any kind of discrimination. No child labor.

No Harsh or Inhumane treatment is allowed: We have a very stringent policy against any kind of harsh and inhumane treatment against the employees.

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