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Government of India Recognized Star Export House
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Garment washing is not just for cleaning. The washing process removes most contaminants, making the application of artwork print easier. It also softens the garment hand feels and improve bulkiness. At Organic and More, we have a robust infrastructure for washing garments. To maintain the softness of garments, we use soft wash methods and the latest Hydro Extractor Machine to remove excess water from the garments.

After hydro extraction, the garments are sent for a tumble dryer. A tumble dryer is a special type of clothes dryer that continuously draws in air from the outside and heats it before sending it into the tumbler. Rather than re-using the hot air, it exhausts it through the vent while simultaneously creating more hot air. We use gas powered tumble dryer therefore making it more most energy-efficient, cost-effective and safer methods for drying soft baby clothes and gives a better hand feel. We use GOTS approved detergents and softeners for our washing programs.

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