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Government of India Recognized Star Export House
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Our Policies

We possess a documented set of broad guidelines, formulated after an analysis of all internal and external factors of an organization. Our policies also determine the formulation and implementation of strategy and direction and restrict the plans, decisions, and actions to achieve its objectives.

Organic & More considers its company’s policies as an integral part of good management. The company has adopted a Code of Conduct & Ethics which we strictly adhere to follow.

Our Policies:

1. Employee Policy:

We consider our employees as our most valuable asset. We fully recognize the need of our employees to lead safe, healthy and balanced lives. We recognize that employees who enjoy a balance are happier, healthier and more productive- a win-win situation for everyone.

Organic & More is committed to complying fully with applicable discrimination laws and ensuring that equal opportunity in employment exists at O&M for qualified persons with disabilities. All employment practices and activities are conducted on a non‐discriminatory basis. We are committed to providing a work environment for all employees that is free from sexual harassment and other types of discriminatory harassment.

We strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of “No Child Labour Policy”. We prohibit the use of child labor and forced or compulsory labor at all times. We also have leaves and health insurance policies at a place. We are committed to paying our workers their wages as per the Minimum Wages Act. We are a SEDEX certified factory in India which ensures that the factory has adequate labor standards, health safety and well being of the workers employed by the factory.

2. Training Policy (Basic & Skilled):

As a part of company policy, all workers have to undergo some basic and skilled training which helps employees to identify and understand the various aspects of the modern work environment. We conduct training for all workers and train them on the usage of equipment and sharp tools. Our workers are also trained upon the usage of safety gear while working on machines. Training on first aid and firefighting is also given. We conduct training programs for supervisors and higher management on disciplinary procedures and supervisory skills from time to time. Functional training related to the field of work and general soft skills and behavioral training is given to the mid-level production staff and junior to mid-level office staff. Skill enhancement, etiquette training & common sense building training and language skills will be given to the support staff.

3. Fire Safety Policy:

The company is committed to providing a safe environment for its workers, staff, and visitors. We minimize risks at the workplace by assessing all potential issues and implementing appropriate measures to ensure a safe and secure work environment. The fire safety policy applies to all premises and activities falling, to any extent, under the company’s control. Efficient and sufficient firefighting equipment is in place. The Emergency Evacuation Procedure is displayed around the office and all the workers are also trained upon the same. The regular safety audits are also conducted by an in-house team from time to time.

4. Product Safety Policy:

We strictly adhere to the Needle Control Procedure as per the guidelines issued by regulatory. We keep logs for section-wise needles issued, broken needles received and keep the physical stocks in a secure location with all records. We have high-quality conveyor belt needle detectors and processes in place to ensure that no garment is embedded with the needle inside during the manufacturing process. We also perform on-site pull testing evaluation technique for maximum safety.

5. Testing Policy:

We are committed to our customers to provide them with high-quality garments. For the same, we have fabric testing policy at a place wherein we send fabric to recognized labs for testing for any harmful chemicals. These recognized labs perform the lab testing procedures as per the international standards of CPSIA and REACH. Soft toys are also lab-tested as per standard of CE.

6. Quality Policy (R&D):

Organic & More is committed to achieving customer satisfaction by manufacturing high-quality garments. We are committed to implementing a quality control system with the aim to achieve a zero-defect level through efficient management, research development, and continuous improvement. The process is set up right from the procurement of raw materials to the manufacturing of end product so that there is a quality checkpoint at every stage with corrective action taken in case of exceptions so as to meet the needs of the buyer.

As an innovative and sustainable organization, we have integrated R&D infrastructure and team to lead the process and product development & improvement. The effective research and development lead us in advancing sustainability in manufacturing apparel products.

7. Environment Policy:

We are committed to complying with all the relative obligations to ensure environment-friendly conditions in and around the factory. The company has developed certain systematic procedures for the disposal of its wastes to prevent any factory environment policy and also for the safety of the workers & staff as well as the overall community.

We have tied up with a Govt. agency where all machine oil, used tube lights and other industrial waste is disposed of responsibly. We use generators with regeneration features to reduce the emission of carbon gasses. We also invest in planting trees in and around our factory area to help get rid of carbon-based gasses from the atmosphere. We ensure zero-wastage of water during the washing and dyeing process by re-using the same water after effluent treatment.

8. Policy for Intellectual Property Protection:

Intellectual property covers a wide range of materials including inventions, signs used as trademarks, geographical indications and creative designs. We strictly prohibit the use of third party designs and artworks unless we have the instructions from the latter in writing.

9. Ethical Clothing:

We strive to conduct business with the highest ethical and environmental standards. We are GOTS certified and hence we follow strict ethical manufacturing practices. We feel it’s our social and moral responsibility towards the society and our customers, so we lay great emphasis on delivering world-class Organic Clothes.

We are also proud to be audited under SEDEX and abide by fair trade practices.

We do not condone the use of child labor. We treat every employee with respect and dignity. No employee is treated with threatening behavior, physical punishment or any form of mental or verbal abuse. We believe in fair trade and we take immense pride that our employees have a free will to work or leave the organization viz’ moral code of conduct.
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