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Government of India Recognized Star Export House
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Rotary Printing

In rotary printing, a colored paste is forced through the open areas of a cylindrical printing screen that rotates as the fabric moves beneath it. Rotary printing is now by far the major printing method for textile fabrics. We print most knit fabric like soft baby apparel by the rotary screen method because it does not stress (pull or stretch) the fabric during the process.

Rotary screen printing is the fastest printing method for cotton with typical speeds ranging from 50 to 120 yards per minute depending upon design complexity and fabric construction. It is best for long runs of the same pattern, complex patterns, surface treatments such as glitter, adhesives, sequins, pearlescent, metallic, 3D particles. Rotary screen printing can accommodate both reactive dyes and pigments. Reactive dyes form a bond with the fiber, and therefore the finished product performs more like a dyed fabric, with the high color fastness and a good hand feel.
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