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Government of India Recognized Star Export House
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Bamboo Fabric

Are you Looking Bamboo Fabric Manufacturers And bamboo fabric suppliers…? We are one of the few bamboo fabric manufacturers in the region. We manufacture bamboo fabric which is widely known for its anti fungal and antibacterial properties for manufacturing garments. Bamboo is yet another sustainable fabric as the plant itself is naturally growing, although there is debate about the processing of the fabric. Whether the pulp making is an eco-friendly method or not. Having said that, bamboo does have a soft hand feel and behaves well, when blended with cotton or organic cotton. Bamboo is antibacterial, forever, which kills almost all bacteria so clothes made from this fabric are more hygienic and healthier for babies. It is often blended with 50% organic cotton to add structure to garments. Bamboo fabric is smooth, luxuriously soft and naturally breathable. This eco-fabric also protects the wearer from the sun with its UV resistant qualities. It can look and feel like silk or very soft cotton and is highly sustainable. 

As an environment-friendly company, we want to contribute to keeping the earth clean and safe for our children and future generations. Therefore we provide products that are certified as environmentally-friendly sustainable without using any hazardous chemicals. We believe that textile products can be produced in an environment-friendly, sustainable, healthy way and at the same time, they can be even more enjoyable and comfortable to wear.

By manufacturing clothes from bamboo fabric, we want our customers to experience the unmatched luxury of our incredibly soft and ultra-cosy active lifestyle apparel.

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