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Government of India Recognized Star Export House
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Cutting is the process to cut out the fabric pieces from specified fabric for making garments. We use vertical knife cutting machines for fabric cutting to ensure accurate cutting of fabrics. This step is the most decisive because once the fabric gets cut out, minimal changes can be done to rectify mistakes.

Our daily cutting capacity is in excess of 5000 pieces.

We also have the capability to dye cut parts or cut small parts using a band knife.

Our jersey fabrics are relaxed at the table to ensure the least amount of shrinkage and measurement inaccuracy during the production process.

Our layer heights are usually less than 3 inches in height, again to ensure maximum accuracy in cutting the panels.

We also use clippers to hold the fabrics to the cutting tables during the cutting process so that the fabric does not move around. Only thereafter is the layer marker placed on the fabric to start

the cutting process. This marker has the outline of the pattern.

We consider our employees as our most valuable asset, so for their safety, we use protective gloves during the cutting process. These protective gloves are specially designed to protect the wearer’s hand from sharp cuts while cutting of fabrics.

We keep cutting fabrics in smaller batches which makes the further process of quality check easier and helps us produce high-quality garments. After cutting fabrics in smaller batches, the fabric further goes for necessary bundling, ticketing, and quality checks.

Bundling is the process of assembling the cut fabrics in small batches of predefined numbers whereas ticketing is attaching tickets to all bundles that provide basic information about the bundle and the segments in the bundle.

Bundles are assembled in the cutting room, where cut parts are matched up with corresponding parts and bundle tickets. Bundling and ticketing of the fabric allow high productivity. Uniform high quality of work can be ensured by in-process control and it also encourages us in enabling an efficient production control system and quality control system within.

We have a dedicated team for bundling the right parts in a particular garment together. This is done soon after the panels are cut and each part of the garment ticketed with a specified number.

This process helps in stitching the two correct parts of a particular size together correctly.

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