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Government of India Recognized Star Export House
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Organic Cotton Soft Toys

We have been manufacturing organic cotton soft toys for over 5 years with extensive technical experience in soft toy manufacturing.

Some key points which we strictly adhere to the production of soft toys are:

1. Making sure the soft toy is safe for the baby- Usage of organic cotton both in the outer shell as well as the inner stuffing helps in addressing this to a great extent. A blend of recycled polyester with organic cotton can also be used in the stuffing to increase softness.

2. Product Testing Under CE standards for flammability- Chemical and mechanical tests are performed to ensure that no parts of the toy would come off while pulling which is also an important criterion in soft toy production.

3. Usage of rattles, wooden rings, crackles, hand or machine embroidery in tricky parts is essential to get the correct product manufactured.

4. Working with small-batch fabrics is also an important part of the sourcing of raw materials to produce quality toys under organic standards.

All of the above areas are key in organic cotton soft toy manufacturing.

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