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Merchandising means to arrange all the required raw materials and to make the goods ready to sell them to customers. It is the department that mediates marketing and production departments. Some times, the merchandising department will have to do costing and pricing also. In any case, the merchandiser is the person whose responsibility is to execute the orders perfectly as per the costing and pricing. So it is a very valuable department.

Our merchandising department denotes all the planned activities to execute and dispatch the merchandise on time, taking into consideration of the 4 Rs to replenish the customer.

  • Right Quantity: To dispatch the right quantity of product what the buyer ordered.
  • Right Quality: It should be with the right quality as accepted by both parties.
  • Right Cost: Everybody wants more from what they are paid.
  • Right Time: Keeping a delivery schedule is mandatory.

Our merchandising team is highly qualified in terms of communication skills, planning capability, decision making and also have in-depth knowledge of expediting procedures.

Some of the major responsibilities performed by our merchandisers are:

  • Development of new garment styles and samples and execution of the same
  • Garment costing based on the order
  • Arrangement of raw materials, accessories, and trims for the execution of an order
  • Production scheduling
  • Approval of patterns and various samples
  • Coordinating with inspection agencies
  • Production controlling
  • Identification of bottlenecks in the process and materials and resolve the same
  • Monitoring of in-house production activities as well as follow-up of subcontract work given outside
  • Reporting the progress of orders to the buyer as well as top management
  • Maintenance of proper records for individual garment styles
  • Ensuring a constant production rate by taking preventive as well as corrective actions
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