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Government of India Recognized Star Export House
Sustainable Apparel Manufacturing Since 2005

Are looking premature baby clothes manufacturers, preemie baby clothes manufacturers, premature baby clothes suppliers, premature baby apparel manufacturers..? Then organic and more is one of the best factory in India. Organic And More is a family owned factory here to serve the requirements of preemie babies and their families. We happening back in 2005 planning and manufacturing preemie clothes/premature clothes that address the unique necessities of premature babies. We confidence you find all you essential for your own Perfectly Preemie, if you want anything please let us know, we would love to support.

“How did you become started in Preemie clothing?” You can just visualize how many times I’ve been requested that question over the years since I started in 2005. “Did you have a Preemie?” is commonly the second question that gets asked even earlier I must to answer the first! Truly, someone I knew, in the church I was joining, had a Preemie baby, and nonentity was able to find any apposite or reasonable clothing for it. I told them, “I can produce Preemie clothes”! When I discovered the essential, it became my passion. I initiated to investigation and design a line of Preemie clothing that would honestly address their requirements and sizing.

Obviously, I don’t individually stitch everything we manufacture nowadays – however I could! We’ve far expanded what I can yield alone. We have a team of numerous people that production our Preemie clothes true here in the India. We offer our Impeccably Preemie line in 3 Preemie sizes – Micro (1-2.5lbs), Tiny (2-4lbs) and Preemie (3-6lbs). We also have full-grown to include Take-me-Home (5-8lbs) in a few of our graces.