Govt. of India Recognized Star Export House
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Government of India Recognized Star Export House
Sustainable Apparel Manufacturing Since 2005

Environmental, Ethical, Economic, Social Influence And Accordingly Human Influence

Understandable Supply Chain

Organic And More has fashioned and works with a committed supply chain which is very clear. Each company in this chain is inspected and certified by GOTS and SEDEX.

Ethically Manufactured

The produces you purchase are ready ethically and in a worker friendly atmosphere. This explains to workers having access to individual security equipment, medical requirements via Workers State Insurance, pension funds via Employees’ Pension Fund and all individual rights providing by the Constitution of India. Overhead this, we recommendation workers a living stipend, which is far overhead the lowest stipend as set by the management.

Publicly Dedicated

We are dedicated publicly and have happiness measures as stated by the rule of the land. Employees are assumed 1 day off all week in adding to other national holidays and 1 day paid CL for each 20 days worked. Employees are permitted to a yearly bonus at the time of Diwali.

Yarn/Cotton Sourcing

We source yarn only from GOTS/Fairtrade certified company and mills. These values make sure through regular checking that the agriculturalists get the best amount set by Fair-Trade. We also visit farms frequently as a part of this procedure internally.

Eco Friendly

All step in the practice of manufacture a clothing is eco-friendly. The coloring procedure is completed with a ‘Zero Liquid Discharge’ entity and 95 percent of the water is re-claimed by the Waste Treatment Plant connected in our fabric coloring element and recycled for coloring again. 5 percent of the water is gone and the remaining mire is used to make elements, placing roads and is furthermore bought by Cement Company to use as fillers.

Dedicated to Reliable Superiority & On Time Delivery

Our experts are the guarantors that you will be supplied or delivered a higher quality order.

We set up truthful relationships with our supply chain associates – in knitting, spinning, coloring etc.

You could only have one contact – Organic And More – nonetheless you can be unquestionable to have all the professionals at hand that you need for understanding your projects.

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