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Government of India Recognized Star Export House
Sustainable Apparel Manufacturing Since 2005

Organic & More is one of the manufacturers that is trusted for the quality of the cloths they produce. With the best interest of buyers/client in mind, we work on producing 100% organic clothes standing out in the world-wide filled with cotton clothing factory. Our highly talented team and the latest technology combined together works on bringing the highest quality of clothing in the market. With the vision of transforming the clothing industry, we at Organic & More never leave any stone upturned when it comes to quality.

There are thousands of factories working on producing cotton clothing but the fact that we produce apparels only using 100% organic cotton is what helps us stand out in the market. The everlasting trust of us delivering the products in time without compromising our quality is what has made us the best cotton clothing factory India has ever seen.

Unlike any other cotton clothing factory, we work day and night to bring to the market the quality of cloth that outmatches every other product in world-wide. With the highly skilled staff and undisputed interest, we have gained thousands of buyers/client vouching on the quality of the product we deliver.

Our Vote of Confidence

We have been established on the grounds of satisfying all our customers including the buyers or client we have gained since the beginning. Our outmatched staff and technology is the reason why our product quality remains unquestionable. We at Organic & more work with the motto of delivering not only the clothes but the healthy clothes to our client. We here know very well how to keep our vote of confidence intact and this is the reason why our customers always acknowledge us to be the trusted cotton cloth factory.

Why Choose us?

There are many reasons why you should contact us for your needs of cotton clothing. Some of these reasons have been mentioned above stating the responsibility we have towards bringing the best quality product in the world-wide. The reason why we have been the impressive ratio of client sustainability is because of our outstanding cloth quality fabricated from pure organic cotton. We believe in the satisfaction of serving people with healthy clothes and retaining our customers for the long run. We individually take care of every buyer, client to focus on the needs they have.

Our Vision

At Organic & More we intend to become the finest cotton clothing factory India has ever seen. We focus on producing our apparels only using fine organic cotton. We take extreme care of every piece we produce and this is the reason for us being able to make a stand in the world-wide.