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Merchandise Development Process for Your Apparel Line:

 If you are totally new to the fashion industry it can be hard knowing what goes on behind the scenes and handling your brand. The most vital thing that you can do is make sure the maker and factory you plan to work with are specialists and knowledgeable with what they are doing. Most of the time they will help you comprehend and help the process of pattern makers, tech pack makers and design, materials and manufacture partners. If you have no previous knowledge in the fashion industry, hiring a professional in that field is greatly recommended; they give you an insight and help you create your vision. Below I will discuss what pattern makers and tech pack makers are and how they assistance you before you go into the developed stages. Investigating a manufacturer before you start will help you a lot in the long run. If you select the right producer some will offer their expertise in expert product development facilities; this is especially worthy if you’re new to the fashion making industry. Continually research into manufactures prior to starting off the design development as they can give you estimated amounts, if they provide product development services and more. Additionally, if you are a new start off fashion company. You may be desirous to hire manufacturers overseas like INDIA who offer best prices; this can frequently be a hit or miss and can come down to how big your order size is.

The common process of clothing product enlargement looks like:

Tech Pack: ​In the tech pack you will include more specificities, including all details and technical specifications like how big the sleeves in metric sizes, measurements, materials, the design and any accouterments (buttons, zipper etc…)

A whole tech pack will include:







-Labels and Tag Info Packing Procedures

Pattern creating and grading: ​Pattern creating is the process of turning your design into patterns which can then go into the manufacture stages. The grading process needs grading the pattern up or down for all the future clothing and sizes in that line. A qualified pattern maker is wanted in this step, they will assistance you design the pattern and print it to you full size to show you if the print will stretch and more. This is actually vital so make sure you enlist an expert who knows what they are responsibility.

Sourcing: ​Sourcing is finding the right production which is more suited for your apparel line. In the table above you can narrow down which production is better suited for your want (country wise). Other than that, it can be a lengthy process trying to find a reliable and good manufacturer and will include a lot of vetting and communication.

Samples: ​Once you have tapering down which manufacturers you trust are suited for your apparel line; you will want them to send over samples of their fabrics and you can checked and classify if the manufacturer is suited to you and if the superiority is general good.

Manufacture: ​Finally, manufacture is the mass production of your apparel, depending on your manufacturer and your merchandises it can generally run a few hundreds and thousands of pieces.

Apparel manufacturers: An apparel manufacturer can be actual costly and can take up a lot of time and space when starting up. When starting off with an apparels manufacturer it can take up a lot of time and can take away a lot of your money and valued assets particularly if you don’t have a lot of cash. If you are just initiation a business this can be a huge risk and it’s optional you start off by yourself. Clearly, this may not be the case for certain people as some people may not be well familiar with the fashion manufacturing and have the background information. I would individually recommend starting off with a apparel manufacturer particularly if you are totally new to the business, selecting a good company will give you a lot of awareness and will help your brand a lot. Clearly, do not get an apparel or clothing manufacturer if you won’t be able to afford it particularly if it means you will lose money when lastly selling your garments. Selecting the right clothing manufacturer is energetic and below you can see the table I created to showcase the pros and cons of selecting a manufacturer locally or abroad.

After you’ve tapering down your manufacturers and where you’re manufacturer is based you will have to connect what you need, this can be particularly problematic to do over an email and a lot of things can get lost in translation. If you are still unsure on selecting a manufacturer, there are sufficiently of ways to find and lookout for some. The includes manufacturing meetups, which included events and trade shows. Search engines and directories are one of the most common ways. If this motionless hasn’t helped you narrow down your search try searching social media. Once you’ve tapering down a list of manufacturers, you will need to take into account; cost, quality, shipping times and how long they have had practice for. Generally this will give you an indication on who is the correct fit for your company. In conclusion, the pros of working with an apparel manufacturer include:

  • Creative freedom to produce the type of apparel that you and your client want
  • Create an remarkable brand image – which is bubbly
  • More control over promotion and in over-all control over the entire business.

However the cons of working with an apparel manufacturer range from:

  • Bulk purchasing items, which can be an enormous cost risk
  • Some manufacturers need an upfront investment, which can affect your company

Finding factories: Obviously, the concluding stage of behind the scenes is finding a factory that is right for your clothes. The table above is related to factories as well so make sure you keep that in deliberation. When selecting a factory make sure you are looking at their morals and working conditions, this is very significant as a lot of apparel companies are now being exposed in the media from the working conditions in the factories where their apparels are created and manufactured. Make sure you ruminate and look deep into the factory to make sure this is safe and legal for your company to order from that factory. Additional thing you must be looking for is the excellence of their apparels or clothing; as mentioned above they will continually send samples if you ask and this is very significant as quality can differ from factory to factory. Similarly, look out for how they interconnect with their clienteles with this be through phone calls or email. This is particularly important if you are using manufacturers like India meaning there will be more frequent checks for worth assurance. The last thing that must be asked of the factory is their availability and prices. This means asking rough estimates of how much a unit would cost, which is vigorous in order to get your products out ASAP.

Sampling:​ After you have selected your factory, send over selected samples to them to see what the probable clothing item will look like. You will clearly want to let them know the materials and that will all be comprised in the tech pack sent over to themselves. CONTINUALLY get a sample it gives you an idea on how the product will look and what changes need to be made whether this be the real print, design or accessories.

Production:​ The final stage of behind the scenes is the full-scale manufacture. This resources you will be totally working with the makers and factories to make sure all is dead on time as it is CRUCIAL that all is done at the set timeline mainly on your first launch date. Make sure you are in whole control as well as interactive with everyone. The first full scale manufacture will give you an idea on timings and quality of merchandises. ​Once manufacture for the first season of apparels ends you will then start preparation for the next season to begin. Nowadays that you have the right manufacturer for your professional let their skills and services support build your brand up.

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