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Looking for leading clothes manufacturer? Organic & More is a trending organic clothing brand dedicated to providing best-in-class organic and natural apparels to the clients. We are extensively into design, consulting and production of organic clothing materials which are free from the harmful chemicals. We offer excellent quality materials and trending design to appeal to our consumers in a better way.

The best technology used in the process and standardized approach towards cloth manufacturing is a very high-quality approach to deliver the customer expectations in a better way. The pure sense of organic clothing is what makes the brand a competitive brand in the clothing industry.

Leading Clothes Manufacturer India

We are the fastest growing organic clothes manufacturer in India which takes care of quintessential needs of the consumers and trend to lead in the organic clothing industry. We have modernized infrastructure with the latest machinery to achieve a various level of expertise in terms of design, planning, knitting and fabrication of clothes in a much better way.

The best technology and machinery available to us helps in achieving the best goals as per the requirements of our partners and consumers without compromising on the quality of the clothing material and designing.

Natural Cotton for Pure Clothing

We use natural and 100% organic cotton material to embed the sense of organic clothing in our products. The styled products are totally made out of the cotton free from the chemical made materials such as polyester or other components. It can be seen that the artificial materials are components are not at all good for human health. In order to combat this industrial issue, we have specialized design process to give encouragement to pure cotton elements which are used in the manufacturing of clothes.

We encourage you to choose Organic And More for a better quality of cotton apparels and trending design trends. The high quality and standardized design process give a boon to the specialized apparels.

Why Choose Organic & More

This is quite obvious to know how Organic And More differs from the other clothes manufacturers in the market. Our factory offers an extensive approach towards manufacturing the best quality of clothes and dresses. The best organic cotton and components used while manufacturing process gives a different edge to the brand. Not only it offers pure organic cotton clothing, but it also delivers you vibrancy in looks, colors, embroidery and design that makes the brand stand out of the rest.

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