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Bulk production refers to the ultimate and real product in the custom manufacture. Most of the enterprises select companies based on their capacity in the Bulk Production Process. This article is written to give you steps of Organic And More Bulk Production Process and its achievement.

Pattern process in manufacture

The first step of the manufacture is always determining patterns and size diagrams. It is very significant to conclude the right measurements for apparels to create the greatest and organized patterns. Bear in mind that your whole manufacture is really based on this process. Nevertheless, it is not somewhat you want to worry about. Organic And More specialized pattern creators are always here for you to present the finest size diagrams and patterns conferring to samples you send us. After determining the correct patterns, the process remains through computers and pattern printers. But why we necessity computers and printers? The answer is preventing excess. This technology assistance us to decide to consume the correct amount of fabric and pay attention to all little detail you provide us earlier cutting the fabric. ​

Exact Fabric before Cutting Procedure

Furthermore, you decided the patterns and size charts for your garments or apparels. The next stage is to use those patterns on the real fabric. Nevertheless we have to make sure the quality of the fabric afore cutting it. Is there any loose yarn, wrinkle or shrinkage on the fabric? These are the questions we observe through a mechanism for quality control of the fabric. We have to confirm that the final product won’t shrink once washing it. We similarly wash a sample product afterward finishing the whole procedure to confirm that we did not miss shrinking afore providing your orders.

Sewing Procedure in Production 

Then, our specialized staffs cut the fabric according to the pattern you confirmed. After finishing the cutting procedure, each of our sewers attentions on the precise parts of the product and complete the clothing professionally. This is the part that our achievement shows itself. It is significant for us to hire specialized workers to make the finest quality products for you and your brand.

Quality Control Procedure in production

Finally is the quality control procedure. This procedure occurs with two parts; first and second quality control. These controls are necessary for reviewing fabric, size and sews to verify that the product has the best quality and complete to ship. After they finish the controls, our staffs add the swing tags, iron the products and package them. Once we confirm the whole procedure is done, we ship the orders for our clienteles from all around the world.

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