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Private Label Clothing Manufacturer

Recognized among the leading private label clothing manufacturers in India, Organic & More flourishes to simplify the complexities of this private label clothing manufacturing industry by offering ourselves as a private label clothing manufacturer providing OEM/ODM service. This special service handles successive tasks such as designing and making tech-pack, sample development, bulk manufacture, inspection, and logistics. Specifically, the task of creating new kinds of knit fabric is also included in Organic & more apparel manufacturers India’s service. That allows us to help our buyers develop any new design of their own brand. 

Private Label Polo Shirts Manufacturer

Without any doubt, the polo shirt is a definite regular and common fashion item, which can be used on many occasions or events, both casual and working activities. Responding to the huge market demand, Organic & More distributing wholesale solutions, bulk production as well as does private labels for all kinds of polo shirts, from basic short sleeves to complex and luxury golf polo shirts.

Thanks to our wonderful capacity and more than 20 years’ experience in manufacturing, trading and developing textile goods, we can get specific requirements of clients from different regions such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Japan and other more country to help to save our clients time, effort, and expense, we provide an OEM/ODM manufacturing service covering from material development and sourcing to design, pattern making, sample development, manufactures, and delivery. You no longer need to travel anywhere or working with too many service suppliers for single stages of production.

Private Label T-Shirt Manufacturer

Attention on fashionable and high-quality T-Shirts which provide the wearer an outstanding luxury with supportive functions, yarn & fabric specialists Organic & More set out every day to develop new kinds of best quality fabric which are not only absorbent, breathable, and quick-dry but also eco-friendly, anti-bacteria, super soft and smooth.

Combining it with 20 years of experience as a knitted fabrics & garment, clothing manufacturer and a capable modern factory, Organic & More keeps updated with contemporary trends and inventions in the material industry to deliver our clients limitless options by a full-package manufacturing service provided by only one Private Label T-Shirt Manufacturer. Any kinds of T-Shirt from Plain T-Shirt, Casual T-Shirt, Printed T-Shirt, to Activewear T-Shirt, or Fitness, Yoga, Running T-Shirt can be developed and produced at our factories at a high quality but with an economic cost. We appreciate our clients to come with their new idea of their Private label T-Shirts and help to bring those ideas to life in preferred items with our service.

Private Label Hoodies Manufacturer

The hoodie is categorized as a dominant Activewear item because they are favoured by clients who love a dynamic and active life. And with an OEM/ODM manufacturing service offered by a professional private label clothing manufacturer like Organic & More, there is no better time to introduce your best hoodies to your clients. Our foremost importance is to update and master the newest technology as the roots for the quality and production process, we constantly enhance our capability in both machines and human resources. Consequently, you are guaranteed to observe the high productivity, constantly extraordinary products standard with reasonable prices. In terms of customer service, we engage all our responsibilities from the materials development and sourcing department to technicians, sales, merchandisers, coordination, and employees… into our customer service. Our focus is to construct a lasting relationship with our suppliers and to create win-win business cooperation.

Private Label Activewear Manufacturer

Considered as an important product line, we focus on the contented and stylish elements through numerous activewear designs such as padded, strapless, seamless, push-up sports bras, custom printed with functional and comfortable leggings… Our Private Label Sportswear is ready to enter the ODM and OEM service and delivered to you. Organic & More provides must support and facility under one roof. From initial design and sample development to mass manufacture and packing, we aim to save our contractor’s waiting time and bring benefits to them through outstanding quality with reasonable prices. The above-mentioned beneficial process is guaranteed to be viable by our united, discipline, dynamic and specialist designers, advisers, and technicians. Furthermore, our skilled manpower gives our clients the highest satisfaction along with hopefully long-term cooperation. Contact us today to bring your idea or design to life sooner!

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