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During the time of pregnancy, it is of utmost importance to the mother to be in mental as well as physical comfort all the time. This is crucial for the health of the baby as well as for herself. A question that most to-be mothers often have regarding this is about maternity clothes – what are the best ones to wear pre and post pregnancy?

Benefits of using Yoga apparel during and post pregnancy

One thing that most maternity clothes suppliers will not say is that Yoga apparels are as good for maternity wear as the ones sold in the market. Here is why:

  1. Absolute comfort: Yoga clothes serve the main purpose of maternity clothing – complete comfort. Yoga pants and tops are manufactured in such a manner that adapts itself to provide the best possible comfort to the wearer.


  1. Fittings: Tight fittings clothes are absolutely no-no during prenatal and postnatal stages. The fittings of the Yoga apparels are somewhat perfect for a pregnant woman for everyday use. They are not body-hugging, but they wrap around the body with just the right amount of breathability for the skin.


  1. Material: Clothes worn during pregnancy should always be in cotton, and better still in pure organic cotton. If the Yoga apparels can meet that quality, it is definitely a much better option to wear.


  1. Type of clothes: Yoga apparels come in tank tops, wrap around tops, fold over pants, drawstring pants and so on – all of which are ideal for a mother during pregnancy and after the baby is born.

For women who are not accustomed to wearing the big, flowing dresses usually made by maternity clothes manufacturers, and are more comfortable in leaner clothes with no frill, Yoga pants are a perfect choice. At Organic & More, we make maternity clothes as well as Yoga apparels for all size from the best quality organic cotton.