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Baby clothing manufacturers in India

Our 16 years legacy has helped us at Organic & More manufacture endless types of clothes for our clients nevertheless of age and gender. Our soft organic cotton clothes and comfortable fabrics that are manufactured using fully innovative machinery, contemporary infrastructure, and a well-experienced team, are a big hit in the Baby fashion circle therefore making us one of the best Baby clothing manufacturers in India.

We try to keep the apparel manufacturing process as simple and as transparent to help work more proficiently with our clients/buyers. The manufacturing demands especially the ones for Baby apparel can vary radically and so we have provisions to production bulk quantities as well as a minimum order for 200 pieces per design with each merchandise being made with lot of love and care. There was no way that we were letting our proudest collection go ignored. Hence, we decided to compile a list of our categorically loveable baby clothes that are sure to keep the little ones happy and contented.

Onesies (Babies wear manufacturers in India)

Made out of interlock fabric, these onesies have a very smooth superficial that makes them contented to wear for babies particularly newborns. At 160-180 GSM these fabrics are thin enough to be non-irritable and smooth on their sensitive skins without wearing out rapidly.

Bodysuits (Baby wear manufacturer in India)

Convenience in a piece of apparel, bodysuits often have us wanting to go back to our childhood days when life was much simpler. Made out of 100% organic cotton, they provide bounteous comfort while this breathable fabric safeguards plenty of movement to move along to the baby’s naughty moves.

Skirts and Shorts (Baby girls clothing manufacturers in india)

Although these attires are generally designed keeping in mind comfort, it stands all the more factual in our case because our skirts and shorts are made to give enough space for movement while being soft on the skin. Contented and gorgeous at the same time, these attire pieces have us wondering why the adult versions can never look as cute.

Sleep Suits (Best kids wear manufacturers in India)

This has to by far be the most sensibly selected clothing item when it comes to kids because dealing with an irritable child is no easy task! With two types of crossover and conservative, they are designed to give the total best comfort for the little ones while keeping them warm. Being lightweight, they are also easy to wash and uphold, therefore making it a win-win condition.

Jumpsuits (Best baby wear manufacturer in India)

Think of them as contented nightwear but for the outdoors. Easy to carry, these hassle-free clothes are knitted with 160- 200 GSM that is vigorous enough to protect the little ones on a bright morning while custody they pleased.

Frocks (Kids wear manufacturers in India)

These knitted dresses rapidly take you back to your childhood days of deliverance and simplicity. Woven in variable designs and colors, these clothing pieces are the best choice for a summer outing. After all who can deny the fact that there are actual few things that look more innocent than little girls frolicking around in their contented frocks?

Caps and Beanies (Baby clothing companies in India)

Less of an outfit and more of a necessity to keep the little one safe from the harsh climate, these apparel additions make even defense look cute. They are knitted in a range of fabrics to suit any kind of climate while retentive nimbleness through the designs.

Bibs and Sleeping Bag (Baby clothing manufacturers in India)

Although these little one look gorgeous even when muddled, it’s best to keep them protected at all times. Our knitted bibs and sleeping bags made out of 100% organic cotton do just that while being easy to maintain.

Sweaters (Baby clothing manufacturers in India)

How do you convert somewhat that already has an image of being warm and cozy even calmer? Design them for kids. Our knitted sweaters range between 200-220 GSM, therefore giving these little ones the balminess they deserve. Also, babies in sweaters are maybe the fluffiest, most drool-worthy beings that have ever existed!

Kidswear manufacturers in India are a niche as utmost care ought to be taken when it comes to manufacture clothes for children to confirm that their clothes are made in hygienic safe conditions, of good quality fabrics and products that’ll keep the young ones contented in their skin while avoiding annoyance and allergies.

To safeguard that these apparel standards are met, we make sure that our employees thrive in an environment where they feel protected and valued by providing them with harmless work circumstances, fair wages and stringent rules against exploitation of labor. We also believe in going green and therefore cultivate only bearable and ethical manufacturing procedures. As a result, the Baby wear manufactured by us for our buyer/clients is being used in households all over the world.

Organic & More has been one of the biggest Baby wear manufacturer in India. Our faith in our legacy, belief in the quality and hygienic manufacturing methods that are ensured to protect the protection of the little ones and their requirements is what assures us that we would make an outstanding manufacturing partner for you. So if you are interested in business? Get in touch with us to make some clothes together!

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