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Clothing Manufacture small to large scale

“The Organic And More” is a clothing manufacturing factory based in Noida, India. We can produce large quantity clothes production for Private Label, Fashion Brands, or small quantity clothes production for anyone who wants to be manufacturing a unique fashion piece.

  • Small Scale Manufacture to test your concept – Low MOQ of 250 pieces per design size.

  • Medium Scale Manufacture for emerging and developing brands that are developing.

  • Large Scale Manufacture for established brands.

The Organic And More produces high quality clothes and textile. We are a very skilled workshop with complete production process. We also offer contractual guarantees on several points such as deadline engagements, Quality control, Regard of Human Rights and Eco-friendly issues. Working with the Organic And More means working with a reliable, specialized and flexible clothing manufacture partner in South Asia.

Ask for more than just manufacture.

Different other clothing production company in South Asia, our apparel factory does not only offers a clothing making service. We do offer many services, such as fashion advice, Fabric sourcing, Fashion layout, pattern making and sampling, several finishing choices, and much more. The most demanded services that we offer as a clothing factory are the following.

Clothing line design, sourcing, and fully integrated manufacture service

Some of our international buyers prefer to focus on marketing and interaction and does need a specialist fashion industry production partner that could take care of all the creation and manufacture process. In this case, we do offer a completely integrated service. We discuss directly with the buyer about the positioning of the apparel line in term of price, quality, and marketing and we start to make, in close relation with the fashion brand, the various styles of the collection.

 Simply good service of a Clothing Manufacturer in India

On the conflicting, you might previously have worked in the industry for several years and, thanks to a great kind of the unlike phases of the Apparel line manufacturing process, you already know how to make fashion technical pack and already have different fabric providers that can directly deliver at our clothing factory in India.

In this case, we can directly start the apparel sample making process or the garments manufacture and sewing. Based on the tech pack and the fabric, our team of pattern maker and dressmaker will be able to make clothes as you request.

Why should you select our clothes factory for your Apparel Manufacture?

Our team of extremely skills seamstress, designers and pattern makers will be there to help you make the clothes you need. The Workshop India works based on a strict ethical chart and environmentally friendly engagement that are often deemed exceptional in the textile manufacturing in South Asia. We do want to make high quality clothes at an affordable price while recognising the natural environment and enhancing the life of the workers.

Fair and sensible South Asian clothing factory – Natural Environment and Human Rights

At the clothes workshop, we pride ourselves to be unique, not only in term of buyer relation and quality but also in term on Fair responsibility. Our Quality Charts include various principles including

Fashion must be more considerate of the atmosphere. The Organic And More is a pioneer in term of environmental compliance. We only source material from naturally trusted supplier and we improve our manufacture in term of loss. Additionally, we implemented a clear waste recycling manufacture system that is possibly one of the most advanced of all the apparel manufacture factories in India, South Asia.

Clothing Production/Manufacture deadline in South Asia

It is difficult to find an apparel manufacturer that you can believe in term of deadline. Really, for many clothing manufacturers in Asia, time is sometime considered differently than in other part of the globe. The Organic And More, thanks to an optimized manufacture process and a responsible management is a apparel manufacturer you can believe as we guarantee the respect of the planning and delivery deadline.


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