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We take our Quality very seriously!

  1. We have essentially 2 Quality teams that work together to make sure that each product that is packed has gone to multiple checks and is of perfect quality.
  2. An internal Quality Control team sets the guidelines based on the Pre-Production Meeting with the Merchandisers. These set of rules based on the work order issued by the Merchandiser are followed by the Production team and the Quality Checking team.
  3. Our patterns are checked to ensure the customer comments on the samples are incorporated.
  4. Our fabrics are checked at multiple stages to get the softest hand feel and perfect color on the knit or woven fabrics.
  5. Pre-cutting and Post-cutting checks are conducted to ensure minimum wastage of fabric and cut panels. A range of panels from each bundle are checked for correctness in measurements.
  6. At the time of initiation of any production style on the production line, critical areas are marked and explained to the operators. The checkers closely monitor these and make sure the operation is a success. At the end of the production line, the Checkers again check the stitched garment for any defects that may have been missed out during stitching. The Quality Control Team monitors the checkers performance.
  7. During the finishing process loose threads, Ironing mistakes, any spots on the garments, balancing of the garment, any visual mistakes and measurements mistakes are checked, corrected and then sent for packing. The Quality Control team again looks for the checkers performance.
  8. Once the final goods are packed in a carton and taped up. The Quality Control Auditor will conduct a final inspection on the packing integrity and also check the goods again based on the AQL system.
  9. Quality Control Team prepares and maintains reports for each stage of each style in production.
  10. As an ISO 9001:2000 company we take note of all areas of improvement and try to improve upon them by taking the necessary steps. We have to undergo audits every nine months to ensure that the processes are followed and non-conformities resolved.
  11. Our GOTS certification ensures that we practice sustainable processing. We have to undergo audits at regular intervals for our processes as well as the social criteria.


  1. Our products are not descendent from any genetically modified organisms (GMO's) or from products derived from those. All possible measurements have been taken to prevent the products from contamination with GMO's or products derived from such organisms.

Organic Standards and Inspections

  1. Our processing facilities follow the following procedures and maintain necessary and substantial information on the areas mentioned below. These are inspected on a regular basis by the auditors of Control Union. Origin of organic raw materials; certificates
  2. Storage of organic raw materials; separation and indication of organic and conventional raw materials Recipe of organic products in case of mixing raw materials
  3. Description of processing procedures and methods; separation organic/conventional processing Storage, conservation, conditioning of ready products; separation and indication of organic/conventional finished products
  4. Packing materials and labeling of organic products
  5. Cleaning procedures in processing plant
  6. Quantitative verification of accounts and results (comparison of purchase and sales), bookkeeping system; invoices; weighing tags, labels.
  7. Social compliance aspects.

Fair Working Conditions

We follow the GOTS social criteria within our organization as well as with our partners which includes the following:

  1. Employment is Freely Chosen
  2. Freedom of Association and right to collective bargaining
  3. Working Conditions are safe and hygienic
  4. Child labor is not used
  5. Living wages are paid
  6. Working hours are not excessive
  7. No Discrimination is practiced
  8. Regular Employment provided
  9. No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed

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