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Maternity Clothes Manufacturers And Suppliers

Organic and More as one of the leading organic maternity apparel manufacturers places utmost importance on the comfort of an expectant mother, realizing the need of proper care for both the mother and the baby.

As a reputed voice among the maternity wear manufacturers India houses, we understand organic cotton and bamboo blended fabrics are most suitable for pregnant and nursing women. These fabrics breathe well and are free of any harmful chemicals or synthetics. These very qualities are what customers look for in maternity clothes suppliers and Organic and More meets the criteria efficiently.

Our pattern makers have years of experience in designing clothes and cuts required for comfortable yet stylish maternity clothes. We are also among the few maternity wear manufacturers to be awarded the GOTS certification. Our compliance with the customers’ demands also makes us one of the leading maternity clothes manufacturers. We understand that a native knows his audience the best and therefore work in tandem with our expertise and his understanding to bring out the best product possible.

Organic and More believes in maintaining a transparent process and values the customer’s inputs, be it any variation of maternity tops for women. Our aim remains to ensure proper comfort of the expectant mother, in which organic cotton plays an important part. So count on Organic and More to deliver quality maternity clothes which every woman can trust for her health and comfort.

When it comes to Maternity clothing, organic cotton, and Bamboo blended fabrics are most suitable. These fabrics breath well, are free of any harmful chemicals or synthetics and therefore are most suitable

Our Pattern Makers have a number of years of experience in designing clothes/cuts for required comfortable yet stylish Maternity clothes.

In order for us to start working on your next Maternity Collection, please provide us with the following details:

  1. Spec Sheets for each style that you want us to make OR Physical sample of each style
  2. Information on the type of fabric you want us to work with
  3. Color- Pantone TPX numbers
  4. Sizes break up with quantities
  5. Measurements for each size (in case you have measurements for just one size, we can grade the rest for you)
  6. Print/Embroidery artwork – pantone color, measurements, and placement
  7. Labelling and packing requirements
  8. Don’t forget to ask about our stock fabrics/colors/styles – these may help you save costs and time.

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