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Custom clothing manufacturers

As a contract manufacturer we take up only those projects where we are responsible for development of the samples for the customer, sourcing of the raw material including fabrics, trims and accessories, cutting, stitching of the products as per the customers requirement, adding value in terms of printing or embroidery on the garments and then packing it as per the specs provided by the customer.

Customers Specs sheets is our production bible. Please ask us for an example if you like.

This eliminates the need for constant queries, redundant queries, looking back and forth on old and new emails and keeps the customer, the merchandiser, the production team and the quality team on the same page to deliver the correct product with maximum efficiency.

We have the sourcing strength to find your desired fabrics in knits and wovens, and capability to manufacture them again, as per your requirements.


As a Cut, Stitch and Pack Factory, we buy ready to cut fabrics from select Mills across India and manufacture the garments as per customers’ specifications.

We recognize the industry requirements and have therefore created an infrastructure flexible enough to address small orders as well as scale up for larger volumes.

Our stitching machines are made by recognized brands including brother, Pegasus and Siruba. All machines are purchased new and we maintain them on a regular basis.

We have an in-house capacity to produce up to 50,000 basic tees per month which is also scalable further with our partner job-work companies’ support.

We have set up strict systems in place for efficient and fast movement of raw material to achieve the desired finished product.

Our systems are in place to check the fabric once received in our factory to the goods being ready for dispatch. Each to be garment has to go through a number of quality checks and procedures.

Pattern Checking, Fabric Inspection, Layer Checking, Cut Panel Inspections, Bundle Checks, Inline and End-line checks during stitching, Initial Checking for spots, loose threads, etc., Final Visual and Final Measurement. Once the entire production is complete and packed, it again goes through a final audit. These measures help us produce high quality garments.

We also work with vendors in printing, embroidery, accessories, trims and packaging material who give us the support to deliver high quality products on a timely basis.

We keep a track of any broken needles during the course of the product and maintain a record of both the parts of the broken systematically.

Our merchandisers interact with our customers on a regular basis and keep them up to speed with production updates through standardized Critical Paths, Time and Action Plans, emails, and Skype calls for scheduled meetings.

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