The Importance of Organic Cotton-What You Need to Know

While selecting a new dress, the style and fit are the obvious properties we basically focus on. Yet, how and where and from what materials that dress is made is important too, especially when it comes to buying organic. Let’s discuss the health advantages of buying organic cotton wholesale baby clothes.

The principle advantage of organic materials is that it yields aren’t treated with pesticides, bug sprays, herbicides and Genetically Modified Organisms. These toxins are harmful to farmers, us as buyers, and whole wild life eco-frameworks. But, less than 1% of all cotton developed is organic. We can and should improve the situation. Ordinarily developed cotton uses a larger number of bug sprays than some other harvest on the planet. It is evaluated that every year cotton makers use as much as 25 percent of the world’s bug sprays and in excess of 10 percent of the world’s pesticides; an incredible um for one only one product.

These chemicals can be dangerous. Such pesticides poison farmers everywhere throughout the world, even factory workers need to take in their exhaust during the assembling procedure. As indicated by the World Health Organization up to 20,000 deaths, every year are caused by pesticide harming in most developing countries. Isn’t it horrifying? Now just imagine using those chemical infected clothes on your baby’s body. This is the worst thing you can do to your little angel.

And this is not it, these chemicals seep into run-off water substantial downpours, harming lakes, rivers and waterways. Pesticide deposit has been progressively found in foods. farm animals and even breast milk. Not only are this cancer-causing agent in charge of thousands of cases disease in grown-ups, they are especially hurtful to young children who can create underdevelopment effects. So, especially for babies, always go for Organic Cotton baby clothes.

We even feel the hurtful impacts of non-natural cotton and fabrics in our everyday lives. Irritated skin, rashes and even migraines and unsteadiness can be caused by the chemical trapped in the threads. When it comes to a child, every single piece around them becomes important, be it their toys or clothes or even shoes. Many brands started providing organic cotton fabric to the customers, Organic and more is one of those trustworthy brands that you can rely on. While shopping for your child, always choose the best and forget the rest.

Organic Cotton Fabric: Ethical or not?

Recent trends are heavier on the  organic cotton fabric clothing manufacturer side. People have been swapping their cotton clothes for organic fabric clothes.

The reason behind this mass change is two-fold.

The first reason is that the various chemicals used in normal cotton clothes are hard and rough on the skin. These chemicals have caused discomfort to many and have been the source of primary irritation for them. And the second reason is that organic farming of cotton is environment-friendly.

Organic Cotton Fabric: Ethical or not?

With that said, it is not easy to understand why it is that cotton organic materials are easy to use and better for the skin. Here are some pointers to walk you through it:

  • Easy on the Skin
    You must know that organic cotton is not just a trend. It actually does not allow you to contract rashes and other skin diseases.
  • Stronger
    The organic cotton fabric has stronger fibers, which not only makes your clothes strong and durable but also easy to clean.
  • Environmental Friendly
    Most of us do not believe our ears when we hear that organic cotton is actually healthy for the environment. Actually, organic cotton farming is all-natural farming, and it does not make use of any chemicals to get the product.

What should you look for in a supplier for Organic Cotton?

There are various things you need to look for in the manufacturer or supplier of cotton fabric clothes wholesale online or offline, here are some:

With everything in mind, take everything with a grain of salt. Make sure you do your research and find the perfect fit for your needs.

Why Should You Choose Fair Trade Clothes Manufacturers For Kids?

When you are purchasing clothes for your baby, it becomes hard to find clothes that are just right for your kid. With many options and other kinds of things on the market, it is extremely hard for you to choose the correct kind of clothes.

However, if you opt for fair trade clothing manufacturers kids, you will be able to get high-grade quality materials for your baby.

Why Should You Choose Fair Trade Clothes For Kids?

Here is why you should choose fair trade clothes for kids:

  • Choosing Options: When it comes to choice, fair trade clothes manufacturers offer you large choices. These manufacturers export their products, and that is why these manufacturers can give you many choices to choose from.


  • Quality of Products: When you want to purchase a piece of clothing for your child, you will want to make sure that you get only the best for your kid. With Fair Trade Clothing Brands, you can get anything and everything.


  • Laborer wages: When you choose products manufactured by fair trade manufacturers, you need to know that you are helping the laborers as well. These manufacturers offer higher wages to their laborers. And in underdeveloped countries or developing countries, this is a good thing as these manufacturers offer growth. Other than this, the factory workers are given decent working conditions to work in.


  • Safe: The products manufactured by these manufacturers are of good quality, and the storage of the products is made in the correct manner. The cutting of fabrics, the coloring and the storage of the same, is done in the perfect environment.

With the growing concern with the kind of material to use for your baby’s clothing, it has become evident that organic cotton is the best choice. With many choices, Organic and More is one of the leading Indian cotton fabric supplier.

What kind of Organic Baby Products can you get your baby?

With many options in the market and many budding wholesale baby products , it is hard to find the genuine material. Although cotton has been hailed as the best material for all kinds of babies and their products, the fact that cotton cultivation makes use of various pesticides and synthetic fertilizers has become a growing concern. Babies are sensitive, and synthesized products give them skin allergies and make it hard for them to be comfortable.

The answer to these issues is Organic Materials!

What kind of Organic Products can you get your baby?

Although it may seem that the choice is simple, do you really know what kind of products can you find in the market? There is more to the choices apart from organic apparel; here is a list of some of them:

  • Organic Toys: Organic material is used to manufacture toys for kids and babies. Getting your baby a toy manufactured with organic cotton is a good way to take care of your baby.
  • Socks: Cotton socks are made of the same material and pose a risk of allergies to your newborn or toddler. However, organic socks are made in such a manner that they keep your baby’s feet warm and keep infections away.
  • Bedding: To take care of your baby’s well-being replace your baby’s regular bedding with organic ones. Organic children bedding  is made from cotton which does not make use of fertilizers of pesticides. This will help your kid to sleep comfortably through the night and cause no reactions with the baby’s body.

To be absolutely sure of your chosen organic cotton wholesale baby clothes manufacturer, take a look at the CE marks, ISO mark and GOTS certification.

To be at ease inquire about the production of the raw material and how the products are stored after manufacturing. After all, your baby deserves the best.

Tips for switching over to an environment-friendly wardrobe

Organic clothes have so many benefits. Not only the final product is beneficial, but the manufacturing of organic clothes is environment-friendly as well. It does not lead to the emission of greenhouse gases, and also the product is comfortable and harmless for the human body.

Tips for switching over to an environment-friendly wardrobe

  • Firstly go for the most important item of clothing in your wardrobe. What is it? It is inner wear. Inner wear is in direct contact with the most intimate areas of your body. Try replacing all your synthetic underwear and bras in organic bras and underwear. Organic cotton and organic bamboo are very comfortable for the skin as it lets the skin breathe freely.


  • As you are done with the underwear replacement, you can slowly move towards the replacement of the other garments in your wardrobe.


  • Many organic cotton fabric suppliers try to fool their customers by selling synthetic cotton in the name of organic cotton. Try to spot a certification when you purchase your organic clothes. The fair trade cotton manufacturers India gives us the surety of their provision of pure organic materials devoid of toxins and tampering.  If you spot a GOTS or fair trademark, then you can definitely purchase that garment.


  • Organic and More offers a range of carefully manufactured organic cotton apparel for every individual; man, woman, kids, babies, pregnant mothers etc. You can definitely opt for this trusted online e-commerce site for the purchase of organic clothing.


  • If you are uptight about the latest fashion trends, Organic and More works with organic cotton fabric wholesale supplier to create the most amazingly designed set of organic clothes. These clothes combine the latest trends and induce comfort.


  • See and feel the difference in your synthetic clothes and organic clothes. The positive vibes created by organic garments will persuade you further to indulge in organic wardrobe.

So, try switching over to an environment-friendly wardrobe by stocking your wardrobe with organic clothes and accessories. A change will slowly develop with the small step taken in progress. If not taken today, then when?

Important reasons to care about Fair Trade ethical garment manufacturing

Our world is slowly falling prey to environment risky toxin and hazardous substances. With the increase in synthetic manufacturing, the eco-balance is getting seriously disrupted. That is the exact reason why wholesale manufacturers are converting to fair trade ethical garment manufacturing and supply. There are many important points to ponder on when we think about what synthetic consumerism is doing to our environment.

Increased levels of CO2 and high emissions of greenhouses gasses come as a result of synthetic manufacturing. The GOTS certification put forward ethical manufacturing as core conduct of a factory. Considering the misconducts and unhealthy practices in garment factories, it has become imperative to embrace the ethical and socially responsible garment manufacturing.

Important reasons to care about ethical garment manufacturing:

  • Hygienic: when we incorporate hygienic practices in our lives, it gets less prone to difficulties and harsh consequences. It is important to focus on health and hygiene of the employees working in a garment factory.
  • Fire safety and evacuation: working in a factory makes an individual prone to a lot of mishaps. Code of ethical manufacturing keeps the safety procedures in mind and compels us to design evacuation plans in case of unfortunate events regarding the fire.
  • Development of organic garments: Going organic is one of the main motto of ethical garment manufacturing. Organic cotton and bamboo material are ideal for developing skin friendly garments. There is an abundance of cotton fabric clothes wholesale online which offers a plethora of options to choose from.
  • Ethical garment manufacturing follows the ethics of a standard manufacturing norm and does not promote or contribute to child labour, excessive work hours or discriminating practices in its premises. They feel the need of developing a friendly and work oriented environment that keeps their employees happy.
  • fair trade ethical garment brand genuinely care about the welfare of the individuals by creating stylish and unique organic garments of good quality.

Keeping these important reasons in mind, it is imperative to support the conversion of our manufacturing sectors into Fair Trade Clothing Brands sectors.

Post Pregnancy Tips : Pregnancy makes a lot of alteration to a woman’s body

Pregnancy makes a lot of alteration to a woman’s body. It makes her bloat and gains a lot of weight. So naturally, after the baby arrives, women are hell bent into getting in shape and thus achieving their previous body shape. But the mere thought of working out just after delivering a baby is daunting. A fitness motivation is thus required in these areas. Wholesale clothing manufacturers focus on creating good clothing apparel for women.

Post Pregnancy Tips

With this, we have put together a few post-pregnancy tips. These are:

  • Firstly, consult your medical physician regarding the type of exercises and workouts you are allowed to conduct. Any decision regarding fitness programs requires a doctor’s advice first.
  • Try indulging yourself in the easiest workout possible. Small steps lead to efficient results.
  • You can purchase the women apparel from various online stores. Smocked clothes manufacturers focus on creating beautiful smocked dresses that are loose fitting thus promoting a comfortable clothing experience. Also, these dresses do not highlight your post-pregnancy
  • You should shrink your plate size. This helps you trick your brain into eating less.
  • You can start going for daily jogging. It should not be done just after delivering a baby. Wait for a few weeks to a month and then start your morning jogging routine. Organic and More ladies clothes manufacturers have designed joggers for women to help them with their daily exercises and cardio.
  • Women post pregnancy should focus on keeping their body hydrated. A lot of mechanisms are going active inside a woman’s body post pregnancy. Along with exercising and taking care of the baby, it becomes essential to take care of yourself as well.
  • Maintain a healthy and nutritious diet.

Keeping these essential tips in mind would help the women get in shape and gain confidence over their bodies.

What does Yoga apparel bring us?

Yoga is an important part of daily lives. It promotes good health and body flexibility. With the practice of yoga getting recognized all over the world, wholesale manufacturers are focusing on creating garments suitable for yoga practice. Yoga apparel manufacturers are hell-bent on creating organic clothing for avid yoga practitioners.

Yoga clothes need to be flexible and adaptable to the body. Creating them with organic material contributes towards better flexibility and lets the skin breathe freely. Organic and More certified with GOTS brings forward a huge range of yoga apparel.

What does yoga apparel bring us?

Here is what to expect out of yoga clothing:

  • Yoga tank top: Tank tops are ideal for yoga sessions since they are tightly fitted garments which do not flow and disrupt the yoga poses. They are airy and free around the neck and underarm area which provides fewer chances of bacteria formation thus preventing rashes.
  • Drawstring yoga pants: Drawstring yoga pants are adjustable yoga pants which promote comfort.
  • Fold over yoga pants: Fold over yoga pants are stretchy pants which include a fold over waistband. These developed from organic cotton creates a stretchy and bright fabric.
  • High waisted yoga pants: High waisted Yoga pants are ideal for tucking that flabby belly fat underneath your clothes. High waisted yoga pants effectively work as tummy shapers and give a structured look to your body.
  • Camisole: Camisoles are effective in keeping your chest area tight. This helps you to practice yoga effortlessly without your clothing hampering your poses.

Wholesale yoga clothing manufacturers promote the use of organic materials and try to induce it as much as possible. With the environment rapidly deteriorating we must indulge in alternatives that will contribute towards a sustainable environment. Development and manufacturing of organic materials do not lead to greenhouse gas emissions and promote an environment-friendly procedure of creating garments. These garments are not harmful or encourage the release of toxins.

Buying Guide: How do you know what the best fit is for you?

Buying ladies wear is such a tiring task. Every woman has specific body shape and requires a set of specific sizes. So how do you get to decide what is the best fit?

Organic Cotton Casual ladies wear manufacturers have understood the requirement of women over the years. They have been indulged in the manufacturing of woman clothing in many casual ladies wear factories.

How do you know what is the best fit for you?

  • Tops: The seam of the shoulders should align with the shoulder of the woman wearing the top. It is important to keep in mind that the shirt hems should end around mid-hip and not too far past the crotch. For loose fitting tops, the neckline is a crucial factor. It should cover your bust properly and not expose it while you bend over in front.


  • Shirts: Buttoned up shirts should have cuffs that come down just below the wrist. The length of the cuff should be appropriate. The hem area should reach the middle of your hips and fit comfortably without pulling around your hips.


  • Jeans: Jeans should fit snugly. Try looking for jeans pants that fit your hip first. You would not consider buying a jeans pant that is uncomfortable around the hip area.


  • Dresses: the shoulder of the dress should perfectly align the shoulder of the woman wearing it. The waistlines should be thoroughly structured to give that defined body shape. The dress should sit comfortably around your body.

Always go for the comfort factor first then choose fashion. Our daily clothing choices make a huge difference in our lives. Many people might not realist that. Tight fitting synthetic clothes may lead to rashes and allergies. It might make you moody and irritated. Whereas organic clothes might make you feel more comfortable and free. It mainly depends on a woman’s perspective and choices that enable casual ladies wear manufacturers to come up with clothes appropriate for women.

What to look for in an organic cotton baby clothes manufacturer?

There are a host of fabrics that are used in the making of baby clothes. Right now, there is a lot of preference to organic cotton fabrics because they are breathable and natural and are cruelty-free. There are a variety of brands that use only natural fabric to make baby clothes.

There are a lot of factors that you need to keep in mind pertaining to the fact that babies are extremely delicate and sensitive to extreme fabrics and environmental temperatures.

What to look for in an organic cotton baby clothes manufacturer?

Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind while buying from an organic baby clothes manufacturers:

  • Check the prices: Since it is organic fabric, it tends to be slightly expensive than your regular baby clothes. Different companies have different prices, so make sure that you check each company’s price and the kind of organic fabric that they use. Make sure that you buy wholesale baby clothes because they can get expensive due to the fact that they are made out of natural fabric.


  • Check the individual company sizes: Different companies have different sizes. There is a standard size for cotton baby clothing, but each of these brands may differ with the sizes. Therefore, it is better to check what fits your baby better.


  • Look out for sales and Bargains: Since organic baby clothes are expensive, make sure that you check out whether there are sales going on, on different sites. Make sure to buy one size bigger than your baby’s current size. That way, you won’t have to get into the hassle of buying clothes every 2 months.


  • Look for a variety of fabrics and clothes: Babies need softer clothes than us because of extremely sensitive skin. Make sure that you check the different organic fabrics, especially season-wise.

Make sure that you choose ethical organic Cotton baby clothes manufacturers to purchase your baby’s products from.