Buying Guide: How do you know what the best fit is for you?

Buying ladies wear is such a tiring task. Every woman has specific body shape and requires a set of specific sizes. So how do you get to decide what is the best fit?

Organic Cotton Casual ladies wear manufacturers have understood the requirement of women over the years. They have been indulged in the manufacturing of woman clothing in many casual ladies wear factories.

How do you know what is the best fit for you?

  • Tops: The seam of the shoulders should align with the shoulder of the woman wearing the top. It is important to keep in mind that the shirt hems should end around mid-hip and not too far past the crotch. For loose fitting tops, the neckline is a crucial factor. It should cover your bust properly and not expose it while you bend over in front.


  • Shirts: Buttoned up shirts should have cuffs that come down just below the wrist. The length of the cuff should be appropriate. The hem area should reach the middle of your hips and fit comfortably without pulling around your hips.


  • Jeans: Jeans should fit snugly. Try looking for jeans pants that fit your hip first. You would not consider buying a jeans pant that is uncomfortable around the hip area.


  • Dresses: the shoulder of the dress should perfectly align the shoulder of the woman wearing it. The waistlines should be thoroughly structured to give that defined body shape. The dress should sit comfortably around your body.

Always go for the comfort factor first then choose fashion. Our daily clothing choices make a huge difference in our lives. Many people might not realist that. Tight fitting synthetic clothes may lead to rashes and allergies. It might make you moody and irritated. Whereas organic clothes might make you feel more comfortable and free. It mainly depends on a woman’s perspective and choices that enable casual ladies wear manufacturers to come up with clothes appropriate for women.

What to look for in an organic cotton baby clothes manufacturer?

There are a host of fabrics that are used in the making of baby clothes. Right now, there is a lot of preference to organic cotton fabrics because they are breathable and natural and are cruelty-free. There are a variety of brands that use only natural fabric to make baby clothes.

There are a lot of factors that you need to keep in mind pertaining to the fact that babies are extremely delicate and sensitive to extreme fabrics and environmental temperatures.

What to look for in an organic cotton baby clothes manufacturer?

Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind while buying from an organic baby clothes manufacturers:

  • Check the prices: Since it is organic fabric, it tends to be slightly expensive than your regular baby clothes. Different companies have different prices, so make sure that you check each company’s price and the kind of organic fabric that they use. Make sure that you buy wholesale baby clothes because they can get expensive due to the fact that they are made out of natural fabric.


  • Check the individual company sizes: Different companies have different sizes. There is a standard size for cotton baby clothing, but each of these brands may differ with the sizes. Therefore, it is better to check what fits your baby better.


  • Look out for sales and Bargains: Since organic baby clothes are expensive, make sure that you check out whether there are sales going on, on different sites. Make sure to buy one size bigger than your baby’s current size. That way, you won’t have to get into the hassle of buying clothes every 2 months.


  • Look for a variety of fabrics and clothes: Babies need softer clothes than us because of extremely sensitive skin. Make sure that you check the different organic fabrics, especially season-wise.

Make sure that you choose ethical organic Cotton baby clothes manufacturers to purchase your baby’s products from.

Why should you only opt for Fair Trade and Ethical Garment Manufacturing?

Organic cotton fabrics and apparel are a good way to lead a healthy life. However, the healthy life you lead should not come at the price of compromised ethics and environment.

The entire point of organic clothes is the fact that it should be environment-friendly. You should make it’s a point to know that your manufacturer and supplier are practicing ethical garment manufacturing.

Why should you only opt for Fair  Trade and Ethical Manufacturing?

Here is why should opt for a fair trade and ethical manufacturing:

  • Child Labor Policy: A manufacturer and supplier with GOTS certification or with an ethical set of rules, will pay heed to child labour All the rules and regulations for allowing children below the age of 18 will be followed and will not in any way hamper their quality of lives.


  • Payment of Wages: Any manufacturers or supplier practicing fair trade and ethical manufacturing will make sure that the owner pays the employees of the establishment on time. Along with this, an ethical manufacturer provides equal remuneration, regardless of the sex, to their workers for same nature of work.


  • Easy Working Hours: When you opt for an ethical manufacturer, you are making sure that you only support the company that offers good working conditions to their workers. These workers are not asked to work overtime for more than 2 hours a day or 12 hours a week.

When you choose GOTS certified organic cotton manufacturers India, you are offering your support to the ethical and socially responsible apparel manufacturing practices. This will not only help you in getting your products in the correct manner, but will also allow you to put your trust in the manufacturer or the company and support healthy living not just for you and your family, but also for all the employees who work hard so that you can have a healthy life.

Baby Essentials for Winters | Organic Cotton baby Sweaters

When it comes to armouring your babies for winters, we often forget what to buy before winters arrive. A baby’s skin is soft and sensitive and is often susceptible to rashes and allergies, which is why it is advised to get your babies only the products that will ensure their wellbeing.

The same goes for their winter wear as well.

Baby Essentials for winters

Here is a list of essential things your baby will require for winters:

  • Socks: Socks are your baby’s first line of defence for their tiny feet. Get your babies a pair of socks that will fit them perfectly. Also, make sure you find an organic pair. Organic socks offer better protection for your baby. These types of socks not only keep your kid warm but also keep toxins and chemicals away.


  • Sweaters/Cardigans: Babies need protection in every kind and in whatever way possible. Keep some sweaters ready for your baby before winters arrive. Also, if you can find organic sweaters, choose them over regular sweaters. Organic sweaters or organic cotton baby sweaters are not only easier to clean but also comfortable for your baby. Make sure you have a handful of them before winter season arrives.


  • Undershirts: Do not forget that you cannot simply make your baby wear a sweater without having them wear something underneath. Prefer an organic soft t-shirt or undershirt. You can even get organic fabric and stitch them yourself if you have a knack for stitching.


  • Nappies: Nappies and babies go hand in hand. It is always wise to keep nappies around. If you cannot find organic nappies, try to get organic fabric and make your own!

Choose organic materials for your baby. Find a trusted organic clothing manufacturer or supplier to supply organic cotton sweater and other materials for your baby.

Reasons to go Organic Cotton Ladies Wear Apparel Today!

Be it men or women, organic cotton apparel is what you need. Swap out your regular cotton clothes and find your organic apparel partner now. With pesticides and other chemicals hampering the quality of cotton, we suggest you move on to better options, such as organic cotton.

Reasons to go Organic with your Apparel Today!

Here are some reasons to switch to organic apparel now:

  • Chemical Free: Apparels and fabrics with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) don’t use any chemicals. The chemical-free nature of such apparel helps you get rid of itching and helps you stay comfortable.
  • Long lasting: Organic cotton or any other material for that matter, is long lasting. The microfibers of the material are strong and durable, unlike the regular cotton. The reason behind this is that no use of chemicals retains the true strength of the fabric and makes it extremely You won’t have to throw away your favorite shirt too soon now!
  • Easy to Clean: Organic cotton is soft and easy to wear. And when it comes to cleaning the clothes, offer the same ease. You won’t have to spend loads of detergent to get these materials rinsed and cleaned.
  • Healthy: Organic fabrics and clothes promote healthy living. They not only take care of you but also take care of your environment. If you have allergies or skin issues, these type of clothes will work best for you.

Cotton harvesting makes use of many chemical products, which is not only harmful to your skin but your environment as well so find your organic cotton casual ladies apparel factory today and get ready to change your wardrobe!

Choose your organic cotton ladies wear manufacturers only once you are sure that their materials are genuine and the products are of good quality.

Three features of an Excellent Organic Cotton Fabric Manufacturer

Organic clothing manufacturing is now flourishing. Considering its benefits apply to both environment and humans, the number of Organic Cotton fabric Manufacturers and organic maternity clothes manufacturers is increasing. Organic fibers like organic cotton and blended bamboo are skin friendly.

Their production does not adhere to the usage of harmful chemicals. The excessive use of chemicals leads to environmental pollution, degrading the health of farmers, water contamination, and degradation of land quality. With the high risk of an increase in carbon footprint, many garment firms have switched to organic creation. Now with this increase in conversion, there is still some hope left for a sustainable future.

Three features of an Excellent Organic Clothes Manufacturer

Features of excellent organic clothes manufacturers

  • Organic Clothes manufacturers focus on the creation of good organic clothes for people of all age groups. An excellent organic clothes manufacturer does his thorough research on the needs of his customers. The organic cotton fabric is very airy and allows the skin to be free. It does not lead to skin rashes and allergies. On the other hand, synthetic fiber is not weather friendly or skin friendly. They are stuffy and suffocative.


  • Organic clothes manufacturers possess the amazing talent of combining organic fiber and latest fashion trends to come up with a range of trendy outfits. Organic and more are therefore getting recognized for their wide organic clothes supply.


  • Organic cotton clothing manufacturer work day and night to make the journey starting from product creation to its deployment a smooth procedure. They work on merchandising, quality assurance, pattern making, cutting, stitching, sampling, finishing documentation, logistics. They also have an amazing USP and 24×7 customer service.

What makes Organic and More different is that they ask their customers what they want! They make you fill up a form which intakes all your suggestions and inputs. Organic clothing suppliers then work on the documentation that you have provided.

How does a good organic cotton clothes manufacturer take care of the quality?

The whole point of organic clothes manufacturing is to maintain the quality of the textiles and keep it at a standard which is the safest and most comfortable for the babies, kids as well as the mothers. It is a social, moral and corporate responsibility of the organic cotton baby clothes manufacturers to take care of the fact that their products are of the very best quality and nothing less than that.

How does a good organic clothes manufacturer take care of the quality?

To make sure of this on an everyday basis of manufacturing, production, and distribution, a good organic apparel manufacturers follows a certain procedure. The details vary from one manufacturer to another, but on a general basic level, they are more or less as described below:

  • We are custom clothing manufacturers, a core team of Quality Control sets down the basic guidelines before production of a batch begins, incorporating the designs, type of apparel, the number of pieces required and the deadline to set up a production plan. In the pre-production meeting, a standard for the clothes to be manufactured is set, and the factory is expected to follow that to the word.


  • Before the yarns go into the machines, they are checked thoroughly and manually for the softest hand feel and the perfect color to the naked eyes.


  • The personnel in charge of quality control check the organic cotton fabric before production for the right cuttings, minimum wastage, and proper markings. After production, the same batch is checked again for any defect in stitching, loose threads, spots or marks, extra creases etc before they are sent for safe packaging.


  • Finally, the Quality Control teams make reports for every stage so that any recurring mistake can be fixed or gaps can be filled in the future production process.

One of the leading wholesale baby products suppliers, Organic & More follow these guidelines to produce the best quality products in the infant clothing care industry and provide the best quality wholesale baby clothes in bulk .

The Parameters to look out for before buying maternity clothes

Pregnancy is a beautiful chapter in a woman’s life. Although it entails a lot of hardships starting from morning sickness to bloating to constant tiredness, pain and fatigue. Maternity clothes are one of the major concerns of an expecting mother. It is always advisable to conduct thorough research before buying maternity clothes since the body expands with time we should be prepared with any type of consequence thrown to us.

Organic and more accentuates on constant comfort and care. Therefore they insist on providing organic maternity clothes for pregnant women.

The Parameters to look out for before buying maternity clothes

When you are buying maternity clothes, Organic maternity clothes manufacturers always consider it healthy to keep a few points in mind before the purchase.

  • Always go for clothes that are airy and permits the skin to breathe freely and move about. Pregnant women do not want tight-fitting clothes that cling to their bodies and making them sweaty.
  • Search according to your budget, wholesale maternity wear can be expensive. If you are low on budget, you can always use long and loose fitting t-shirts.
  • Always go for Organic materials. Most maternity clothes manufacturers believe in using organic materials for creating fashionable garments for pregnant women.
  • Organic cotton and fabrics blended with bamboo are ideal for developing maternity clothes. This fabric does not include toxic substance thus keeping the overall health of the mother and her unborn child at the zenith.
  • Try stretchy material that can adapt to your growing body over the Yoga pants are the ideal piece of garment specifically designed to adapt according to your expanding belly and provide immense comfort.

Organic and More is an maternity boutique wholesale suppliers considers health and comfort as its top priorities. It helps its customers to carefully research and makes an informed decision. It looks for eco-friendly alternatives thus benefiting the environment as well as its customers.

Organic and more employs pattern makers who have been gathering experience for years regarding the taste, choice and requirements of their customers.  You can ask their maternity clothes supplier  by providing your basic requirements and information sheet that consists of a physical sample of the style that you desire.